What we offer:

Hoffman Ag Service, LTD is proud to be your local provider of Pioneer® products. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide such as product knowledge, timely delivery, growing season support and weigh wagon services. We strive to meet your needs from planting to harvest and anywhere in between.

Whether it is corn, soybean, wheat or alfalfa we can deliver the right seed to yield maximum results for your farm. As a Pioneer® Sales Representative we offer not only quality service, but quality products backed by strong research and proven genetics.

Timely Delivery:


We provide on farm or in field delivery for all of your seed needs. Whether it is a few bags to finish up a field or a tender full of treated bulk beans, we will be there for you so you can get the job done.

Consulting and Sales:


The knowledgeable staff at Hoffman Ag is ready and equipped to assist you with your seed purchase decisions. Our goal is to provide you with the best products, advice and service to get the most out of each acre on your farm.

Digital Acre (Granular):


Over the past few years Pioneer has revised its digital acre options. Originally know as FIT mapping and then transitioning into Encirca. We are now using the Granular system that allows us to help you with decisions from seed placement and fertilizer recommendations all the way to helping you organize and track your output from field to field. 


Seed Treatment:


Convenient seed treatment options are available through our Pioneer Premium Soybean Seed Treatment Package (PPST). Our USC seed treater provides gentle handling and outstanding coverage with our quality line up of fungicide and insecticide seed treatment. This provides your beans with an extra level of protection against early season insects and disease and off to a quick start.

Our onsite seed treatment allows you to pick your beans up the same day you plan to plant. This ensures the quality of seed is maintained from the bin to your field. We also offer bulk delivery for qualifying orders of our treated seed.

Variable Rate Seeding:


We are now offering to write your variable rate seeding prescriptions. Contact us today for further information on this newly offered service!

Test Plots:



We offer services to assist you in setting up a test plot. If you have a certain product that you would like to put to the test please give us a call and we would gladly assist you in a test plot.