Spring is Right around the corner!

          I know that it seems like we just put the combines away but it is time to make sure that those planters are ready to role. We are only a few short weeks away from hitting the fields for spring. The guys in the shop have spent a good deal of time this winter going through all of our spreaders and 28% applicators doing all of the maintenance required to make sure that they are field ready for your use. As always we will have a good size fleet of spreaders ready for your use this spring but they will go out quickly. If you are in need of a spreader or applicator or tank please feel free to call us a head of time to make sure that we still have some available for you. 

           The seed guys have been working with supply to get the warehouse full of the seed that you ordered from us pre-season. We have a very good product line for 2016 and look forward to helping you put the right product on your farm. If you have acres left that you have not bought any seed for, we will have a supply of both corn and beans for in season sales. The sooner you get in touch with Tony or Dennis the better selection you may have but we will try to work with all of you to make sure that you are getting the products that you are looking for.

            The main office has been working very hard this winter to find the best prices available on fertilizer for this coming year, The fertilizer market has been a littler bit of a roller coaster so far this year but we will have a full line of products available to you at a very competitive price. If you would like to take a look at some pre season buying options, let us know or stop in and talk to us. We will be happy to help you make sure that your fertilizer needs are covered for this up coming year,

            In the chemical shed this year we will have a multi pack machine from Dupont crop protection. This machine gives us the ability to do some custom blending with Dupont products to make sure that we are getting you  the best weed control and pest management possible for your farm. It also allows us to measure out packaging to match either your acre or sprayer batch so that you not longer have to measure out the chemicals individually when trying to fill the sprayer. We do have some new products and programs from other crop protection companies available as well. If you have questions on what you would like to do for spray this year feel free to stop in or give us a call and we will set you up with a plan that will fit your farm and budget needs.