What we offer:

Soil Sampling:

               We offer both Zone and Grid soil sampling! Zone sampling breaks fields into zones based off of soil types and Grid is 2.5-acre squares separately across the field. We provide variable rate fertilizer/lime recommendations and mapping. Our recommendations can be spread by you or we can help to line up applications with Dibble Ag Spreading to apply accordingly. Variable Rate applications can bring more consistent yields and more profitability to every acre. Contact Jarrod at (989) 413-4074.

Field Scouting:

            During the growing season we do our best to keep up with what’s happening out in the fields. We can help identify problem weeds with possible herbicide resistance and help to make a plan to overcome them. We monitor pest levels in season across the area with a focus on using pheromone traps to count levels of Western Bean Cutworm in corn. Another yield robber can be disease, so when conditions are right, we will monitor for disease in all crops. We can help to line up an aerial application of fungicide and/or insecticide to help protect your investment!



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